Helping you and your team unlock your potential

Workshops, conferences and tutorials are a great way to keep up with the latest changes in technology, but sometimes you need something a little more in-depth. Not just the latest tools and frameworks, but how to apply them in the context of your own projects.

I offer bespoke coaching and mentoring services to development teams - fully remote, organised in a way that suits your team and your requirements. Every team is different, but I’d typically work with you half-a-day per week, for 6-12 weeks - long enough to get to know the team, understand the challenges you’re facing and how I can help, and figure out how to introduce some lasting changes.

As well as .NET development and software architecture, I’ve designed recruitment and interview processes, I’ve worked with teams to adapt agile processes and practices, and I’ve helped develop frameworks for remote working, issue tracking and code review. If you think I might be able to help you out, get in touch and let’s chat.