Agile Development Training

Hands-on training for agile development teams.

The rise of the agile movement has led to huge changes in the way companies all over the world design and develop computer software. It has also led to a lot of confusion around what we mean by “agile” software development, and a bewildering assortment of processes and frameworks, jargon and buzzwords.

Agile Development for Software Teams

Duration: Two or three days

This course will teach you and your team the principles of agile software development. You'll learn the key ideas behind agile methodologies, and the techniques and tools you can use to encourage the adoption of agile processes within your organisation.

Target audience:

Developers, project managers and software teams

Details & Dates

Integrating Agile

Duration: Two days

You know agile. Your team knows agile. But your team is just a cog in a machine, and the machine still wants detailed requirements up front and three-month release cycles. This course isn't about how to do agile - it's about how to get everyone else on board with it.

Target audience:

Developers, product owners and project managers.

Details & Dates Coming Soon