Communication and Presentation Skills

Better stories, better meetings, better demos.

Modern software development is a collaborative process, and effective collaboration starts with effective communication. Communication and presentation skills are often referred to as “soft skills”, but they’re actually one of the hardest things to get right. Communication is vital at every stage of the software development lifecycle: from identifying requirements and sharing designs, to delivery, deployment and incident management.

These workshops draw on decades of experience working with software teams, as well as communication and presentation techniques I’ve learned over years of running workshops, writing technical articles and speaking at conferences.

Communication for
Development Teams

Duration: Two days

A workshop for developers, product owners and digital teams. Learn how to write better stories, spend less time in pointless meetings, rock your next product demo, and run retrospectives your team actually wants to attend.

Target audience:

Everybody who works on digital product development.

Details & Dates

From Keyboard to Keynote:
Creating Great Technical Talks

Duration: One day

This workshop will teach you to create and present great technical talks and presentations, whether you’re interested in speaking at conferences, presenting at user groups or just improving your sprint demos.

Target audience:

Technology professionals with any level of experience.

Details & Dates