JavaScript Training

Hands-on training for software developers.

JavaScript is often called “the world’s most misunderstood programming language”. Originally created in 10 days way back in 1995, JavaScript has become the dominant programming language of the world wide web and has spawned a whole ecosystem of frameworks, tools and platforms.

Today, web developers working with JavaScript have access to a whole world of language features, browser APIs and capabilities for building powerful, responsive online applications.

Fast Track to Functional JavaScript

Duration: Two days

Two days of classroom training for developers who want to master the JavaScript language. With an emphasis on core language features and concepts, this course will give you a solid grounding in writing clean, functional JavaScript code to harness the power of modern web browsers and frameworks.

Target audience:

Developers with little or no JavaScript experience.

Details & Dates Coming Soon

Reboot Your JavaScript

Duration: One day

You know JavaScript. Of course you do. You've been building JavaScript apps for years. But modern JavaScript is full of cool stuff you might not have seen before. Promises, maps, rest parameters, static properties and methods – not to mention a whole range of new browser APIs. It’s JavaScript, but not as you know it.

Target audience:

Experienced developers whose JavaScript is a little rusty.

Details & Dates Coming Soon