Hands-on workshops for developers and IT professionals.

Learning never stops when you work in software development. We work in an industry that’s driven by new languages, new frameworks, new platforms and paradigms. We’re discovering new ways to solve old problems, we’re building innovative solutions to new problems, and every wave of new devices and applications brings fresh challenges around security, performance, inclusivity and user experience.

I’ve been running workshops for developers and software professionals since 2015, covering topics from .NET and JavaScript programming through to business communication and presentation skills. Courses use a combination of classroom teaching, interactive sessions and hands-on exercises, giving you the chance to try out new techniques for yourself and get the guidance and feedback you need to get the most out of the time you’ve invested.

Here’s some of the topics I’m teaching in 2020. For private courses, material can always be adapted to suit the training needs of your teams and your forthcoming projects. I also offer a hybrid training/consultancy model for private clients: I‘ll work with you to identify the best tools and technologies for your forthcoming projects, and then deliver customised training courses to get your development teams up to speed.

Communication and Presentation Skills

Workshops for software developers who want to improve their communication skills, from documentation and user stories to public speaking and interview techniques.

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Agile Development Training

Workshops for software teams who want to understand and adopt agile methodologies such as scrum, kanban or extreme programming.

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.NET Development Training

Hands-on training for software developers working with Microsoft .NET, from fast-track beginner courses to advanced architecture and distributed systems design.

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JavaScript Training

Classroom training covering core JavaScript language features, for developers looking to harness the power of “the world’s most misunderstood programming language.”

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Architecture and API Design

Software architecture has been called “the stuff that’s hard to change”. It’s the decisions that you need to make, that you can’t defer any longer, but if you get them wrong, fixing them later is going to be expensive, risky and complicated.

Whether you’re looking to specialise in an architecture role, or just want to understand better how to approach the design of your software projects, my courses can help you figure out what’s out there, how it can help, and how to use it effectively on your projects.

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